Frequently asked questions

Are the Hoelson Sisters coconut oils natural?

Yes! All our oils are 100% natural, and do not contain any preservatives or colourants.

Where are the Hoelson Sisters coconut face oils made?

Our oils are all made in South Africa, in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth.

Can I use the oils on my hair?

For sure! The oils are good for natural frizzy hair, and can be used on the tips of the hair to prevent them from drying out. We recommend that you do not use the oil on your scalp, as it can cause your hair to look greasy.

I put too much oil in my hair, now what?

Do not worry - this is no cause for alarm. Just shampoo your hair under warm water, and the oils should easily be removed.

Can I use the oil on other parts of my skin?

Yes. Our product are safe and natural, and will leave your skin feeling soft, rejuvinated and supple.

Do you ship to countires outside of South Africa?

No, unfortunately we are only available in South Africa, and we do not ship to other countries at this point.